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Marginality is the space of resistance. Enter that space. Let us meet there. Enter that space. We greet you as liberators.

bell hooks


General Legal Resources

See also:

 Activists' Legal Project Resources
 Other Legal Resources for Activists
 Direct Action Resources

 Liberty's guide to the Human Rights Act 1998, Your
Rights, Liberty's guide to your rights, ranging from rights to privacy to
rights of peaceful porotest.

 Information about using the civil and criminal courts, and a database of court of appeal judgements since 1996.

 BAILII Database of Court of Appeal decisions from 1996.

 Crown Prosecution Service's legal guidance for Crown prosecutors when making decisions in criminal cases.

 Houses of Lords and Commons - text of debates and parliamentary questions and answers (Hansard), House of Lords judgments since November 1996.

 Acts of Parliament (statutes) 1996 to date and statutory instruments 1997 to date.

 Department of Constitutional Affairs Consultation documents on changes to the court system, criminal matters and magistrates courts from the Department for Constitutional Affairs.

 The Legal Services Commission which replaces the Legal Aid Board. Information about getting legal aid, finding a solicitor etc.

 Scottish Courts - Supreme Court and Sheriff Court opinions since 1998.

 The European Court of Human Rights including decisions of the court.

 HM Prison Service - information on prisons including visiting hours and how to get there and 'prison life'. You can also download a copy of The Prisoners Information Handbook, written jointly with the Prison Reform Trust.

 Venables - links to legal sites and resources including crime, environmental law and human rights.

The Activists' Legal Project is run by volunteers who are not legal experts. If in doubt take legal advice on the specifics of your situation from a solicitor. Our briefings only relate to the law in England and Wales. For information on the law in Scotland see Scottish Activist Legal Project website. If you see any errors in our briefings or we have missed any changes in the law then please contact us.